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Confined Space Safety Solutions

Working in confined spaces can pose significant risks on the health and safety of the person entering these spaces. Every year hundreds of people entering in confined spaces like sewers and manholes die due to lack of training, knowledge, capability and support system required to work in these conditions. Utmost care, pre-preparation and precautions need to be taken before entering these spaces like testing the quality of air, providing proper ventilation system etc. Our personnel are equipped with the required training on confined space entry and rescue operations. Proper ventilation and air quality testing of a confined space helps stabilize the environment in these spaces and gives the workers time to evaluate a change in the atmosphere and react in case they need to exit the confined space.

We have the necessary equipment such as air meters and monitors; personal protective equipment; rescue equipment for both vertical and horizontal entry etc. for working in confined spaces such as tanks, vessels, transformers, sewers, manholes etc.
Our personnel are trained on confined space entry to enter both vertical and horizontal confined spaces. If your company performs any confined space entry tasks, but doesn’t have the required equipment, training and expertise, we would be happy to assist you. We also provide necessary equipment and technical expertise to train people on how to execute ventilation systems for confined spaces.

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