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Biodegradable Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Keeping in mind health, safety and environment sustainability, we present “MINVAKA”, a unique range of Industrial and Auto care products which are efficient, bio-degradable and safe for both humans and the environment. All the products have been formulated using natural ingredients that are safe alternative to harmful Chemicals, SLES, Parabens etc. The products are a result of several years of research, handwork and dedication of our in-house experts and research team.


Our industrial cleaning & maintenance range has products for various industries like oil & gas, automobile, construction, shipping etc is. All these products are high performance, eco- friendly, bio-degradable and safe. If you are a company undertaking repair and maintenance activities in any field, you can approach us. A brief on product performance is as below:

Cleaning & Lubricating Spray

  • Loosens rusted nuts, bolts and joints.
  • Ensures smooth and easy drilling through tiles, beams (core cutting) if the drill bits are dipped in the liquid before use.
  • Cleans and protects metal from rust and corrosion.
  • Ensures free and smooth movement of bike chains, cycle chains and other mechanisms.
  • De- greases surfaces having oil and grime
  • Stops squeaky noise from joints like doors, hinges, fans etc.


Our water-based degreasers are an excellent and safe alternative to conventional products like kerosene and diesel. They help overcome various hazards of using kerosene/ diesel like itchy skin, throat or eye irritation. Various applications of the product are:

  • Removes oil-based smears such as oil, wax, resin, tar and grease from hard surfaces like engine, machinery, tools, instruments and floors.
  • Makes the surface smooth and dirt free.

Hand Wash

The hand scrub wash has been specially formulated for cleaning tough greasy and oily hands of workers in the manufacturing units, services centres, garages etc. It promotes personal hygiene and is not harsh to skin unlike conventional cleaners like diesel, detergent soaps etc.


Our Auto care range includes products for washing, cleaning and maintenance of cars like Car Shampoo and Wax, degreaser and Engine flush. These can be used by car owners, garages, car wash companies etc.

Car Shampoo & Wax

MINVAKA car shampoo & wax is a unique combination having both cleaning and shining properties in a single product. The product usage is as below:

  • Foams away tough dirt and grime to leave vehicle looking clean and fresh.
  • Leaves smooth and light shine on the car surface.
  • It is gentle on the car paint unlike liquid or powder detergents.
  • Single product offering multiple solutions.

Engine Flush

MINVAKA engine flush helps break down and remove engine deposits, sludge and contaminants in the engine, thereby promising efficient oil circulation throughout the engine and better engine performance. We recommend use of Engine Flush at every oil service/change to maintain engine cleanliness. The flush is suitable for both petrol and diesel cars.


MINVAKA auto degreaser is a safe alternative to cheaper degreasers like kerosene and diesel generally used for degreasing engine surfaces. It is safe for inhalation and on skin and is in- flammable unlike kerosene and diesel. The degreaser removes all oil-based smears such as wax, resin, tar and grease accumulated in the engine and makes the surface smooth and dirt free.

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