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Gas Detection- Sales / Rentals / Calibration / Maintenance

Gas detection is a crucial part of the safety for industries. Emission of different types of toxic, combustible or volatile gases, can create hazards both for workers as well as life habiting in the surrounding areas. Timely detection and repair of a leak could safeguard from a major accident or hazard. Thereby having the right equipment along with timely and accurate testing procedures is very important.
Spa rents, sells, maintains and calibrates both fixed and portable gas detectors. We perform calibrations, inspections, testing and preventive maintenance of all brands of gas detection instruments. Performing routine calibrations on gas detectors ensures proper working of the equipment and its ability to accurately monitor potentially hazardous gas emissions. This helps in maintaining safety standards. We can provide both on- site and off- site calibration. Annual maintenance contract packages are available for the same
We provide both short term and long term rentals of portable and Fixed Gas Detection Systems for safety against gases like H2S, SO2, Ammonia (NH3), combustible gases etc.

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