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H2S Safety Services

Started in 1987, Spa was the first company in India to specialise in H2S Safety Services. Over the years we have gained tremendous name and reputation in the oil & gas industry as an “H2S Safety Company”. We have successfully handled and executed hundreds of H2S safety projects over the years and provided protection against various hazardous gases including H2S, SO2, CO and other toxic and flammable gases during drilling, testing, workover, production operations, confined space entry, sour gas sweetening, refining etc.

We provide customised solutions for large-scale and long-term projects. Our H2S safety services typically involve providing personnel and safety equipment on hire


Our personnel have relevant experience in drilling and production operations. We place a lot of emphasis on continuous training and imparting up – to – date knowledge to our personnel.

Over the years the company's H2S Specialists have logged several thousand hours of accident-free operations while working in actual lethal concentrations of H2S . In one incident alone a Spa crew handled operation in a concentration of over 70,000 ppm H2S.
Our H2S experts are qualified to

  • Provide consultancy services such as conducting initial surveys and implementation of on-site contingencies.
  • Laying down safe working procedures for handling of H2S.
  • Assist rescue operations in sour gas areas.
  • Suggest chemicals for H2S control and corrosion inhibition.
  • Impart on-job training to clients' personnel.
  • Prepare agenda and points for discussion for safety meetings.
  • Prepare safety documents, including contingency plan and procedures.
  • Maintain safety equipment in use.
  • Provide emergency first aid when required.
  • Effectively identify and address all gas to surface conditions, which may have the potential to escalate into serious emergency situations.

We provide total support and assistance to the client for protection of all personnel at the project work site by detecting, monitoring and exercising control of H2S and other toxic gases.

Safety Equipment Rental:

We provide world class safety equipment on hire for both onshore and offshore operations. All our equipment is built for operations in harsh environments. All of our equipment have been sourced from world’s most trusted manufacturers of safety equipment like 3M Scott, BW Technologies, Uniphos, MSA, Drager, Oldham etc.

We are channel partners with 3M Scott for suppling their complete range of safety equipment, including breathing apparatus like SCBA, EEBD, ELSA among others, in India. All the equipment sent to the client’s place are, systematically stocked and neatly wrapped in pouches. We also represent BW Technologies (a part of Honeywell Inc.,) for their complete range of safety products including gas detection.

The equipment on rental include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Breathing Air Compressors
  • Self–Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)- 30 min & 10/15 min work-cum-escape packs.
  • Breathing Air Cascade Systems- 2,4,6 or more high pressure cylinder units including 72 cylinder cascade systems.
  • Multi-purpose reserve SS air manifolds with quick connecting couplings.
  • HP & LP heavy duty air hoses with SS end fittings.
  • Rig fans / bug blowers of flameproof construction.
  • Multi -point fixed and semi fixed intrinsically safe gas detection systems- toxic and LEL.
  • Audio-visual multi - point alarm systems.
  • Multi-gas detection pumps.
  • Single and multiple - gas toxic/ combustible/oxygen portable monitors.
  • Breathing air quality test kits, etc

We maintain extensive records of the service carried out on our equipment when sent to field for use in hazardous H2S environment. Our site engineers and technicians perform required periodic equipment calibration and ensure their proper functioning under field conditions.

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