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SCBA & Breathing Air Solutions - Sales / Rentals / Maintenance

Spa rents, sells, maintains and repairs breathing apparatus and other types of SCBAs, EEBDs, ELSA etc. of many makes and brands. The maintenance can also be done through Annual Maintenance Contracts.
Spa is a preferred channel partner of 3M Scott for their complete range of products including respiratory protection, gas & flame detection, thermal imaging and other 3M SCOTT products.
We offer a variety of breathing air solutions:

Breathing Air Control Panels:

Spa's premium series air control panels are made with complete stainless steel tubing and customised configurations to fit specific requirements. Our control panels can also be used in conjunction with our air cascade systems or can be designed to meet your specifications.

Air Quality Testing Kits:

Spa's air quality testing instruments are available for sale or on hire. These kits are compact, easy to operate and can be used to indicate the level of contamination in the air. Faster sampling of compressed air enables faster results, thereby quickly indicating the users that they have a potentially acceptable or unacceptable breathing air.
We also provide certified Air Quality Tests on your equipment to ensure applicable "CGA grade breathing air". This can be done in house or at client's locations depending on the client's requirement.

Breathing Air Compressors:

We repair and maintain breathing air compressors of various makes. Right from minor maintenance to major overhauling jobs can be done by us.
We provide breathing air purifiers and filters which are designed to provide continuous supply of clean, safe breathing air from your existing compressed air system. Every purifier is a complete full- capacity purification system that performs effectively with lubricated or non- lubricated compressors. We provide certified replacement purification breathing air filter cartridges to produce applicable CGA Grade breathing air for most breathing air compressors, thereby saving valuable time and money.

Breathing Air Trolleys:

Spa provides customised and portable breathing air trolleys on sale and rental. These trolleys are compact and easy to use and can enable the personnel working on the site with emergency breathing air supply at all times.

Breathing Air Capsules:

Breathing air capsules are closed air tight spaces located at sites and equipped with emergency breathing supply systems. Often due to long hours of working or working at elevated levels the workers can't carry heavy rescue breathing sets, so they carry small 10 min portable breathing sets along with them. In case of any emergency or potential release of toxic gases the workers at the site can use the 10 minute escape kits to reach the Breathing Air Capsules and then wear their SCBA sets and prepare for rescue.
The air capsules are designed with multiple doors to enable quick, easy and smooth rescue operations.

Breathing Air Cascade Systems:

Breathing Air Cascades are high pressure gas cylinders used as emergency breathing air banks and also for refilling smaller compressed gas cylinders with breathing air.
Our air cascade systems include two or more breathing air cylinders that can be installed in your facility or on a mobile air trailer or inside your fire truck. A high pressure breathing air cascade system can be custom built to your design, supplied in containers or mounted on racks and are available for stationary and mobile applications. The cylinders are hydrotested regularly as per statutory requirement.

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