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Safety Training & Compliance

Spa provides complete training on all the safety aspects of working in hazardous Environments, Detection and Protection against toxic gases, search and rescue techniques, rescue breathing etc.

Our Trainers undergo frequent refresher courses and receive the most extensive training and practical experience in the industry. These courses are based on industry leading international standards.

We also conduct training programs at the client’s site for their operational crew so that they can experience "hands on" training both in theoretical and practical aspects in order to eliminate fear when working in a hazardous environment.
The Senior Trainers, who are attached to the training facility are highly qualified and also have a comprehensive background within the H2S operations.
The training packages can be customised to suit the client’s requirement. They may be available as follows:

  • On site or field training at the client’s base on H2S
  • Base training or training before arriving at the field / location

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